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How to create your own custom StoreApp (in about a minute)

We keep saying it takes about a minute or less to create your own custom StoreApp. Now we’ll show you.

In the short 16 second video below you can watch while I create a StoreApp filtered to offer only travel content. Here are the steps:

1. Internal name: For your own internal tracking
2. Choose a format: (epub or pdf)
3. Choose a NavBar color: (I’ll keep it black for this example)
4. StoreApp Title: You can enter your company name, a name for the content you are featuring, or whatever you want (in 20 characters)
5. Filter the conent: Here you can filter what content you include in the StoreApp, by Author, Publisher, Category and/or Tags. In this case I’ll only filter by the broad category of “Travel”.

6. Preview it, then create the code

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